Here's a short guide to help you launch your first event. 

Step 1 - Assuming you have membership already setup, head over to the memberships dashboard and click on events.

Step 2 - Choose your event type -

Now, as you can see, your event can be of 3 types,

  • Video call event

Arrange an exclusive group call with your members over Zoom. google hangouts etc.

  • Live Stream event

Invite your members to join you on a live stream session on a platform of your choice.

  • In person event

Pick a place and call up a fun engaging meet-up with your members.

Step 3 - Add your event image and description, to be displayed on your event page, making it informative and appealing.

Tip: Another best thing about events, it can be used as yet another tool to add in new members!

Step 4 - Schedule your event

Make sure you pick a date and time that you are most comfortable with.

Step 5 - Set seat limit

Setting seat limits for your event is optional. however, a limited number of seats will create a sense of urgency inspiring people join fast.

Step 6 - Notify all your supporters - all your members and your one-time supporters will be notified of your upcoming event. This is a great chance for you to convert your supporters into monthly or yearly members.

Step 7 - Allow questions and comments to make your event more engaging by ensuring participation of your attendees. 

Step 8 - Customize your event link and then click on create, your event will now appear in the dashboard.  

Step: 9 To view your upcoming events, click on the hamburger menu at the top and click on view my page. 

Step 10 - You can add in the joining details like (Zoom invite, YouTube live link, etc ) at any time, it will be visible to all those who has joined the event.

Step 11 - You can also manage your attendees and also Email them regarding any updates on the event.

And voila! 🎉 Share your event with your friends, flaunt it over your socials and give your non-members another reason to join your exclusive community.

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