The number one way to expand your membership is to connect with your members. The best method for this is face-to-face interaction, but you obviously can’t meet with every member, so… what do you do? The answer - Events!

Events are an awesome way to engage with your fans in real-time, as well as a super easy way to provide your members with something of value.

So, Why Events? 

Fans love membership because they get connection, access, and content they can’t get anywhere else. 

There are countless reasons to introduce events with your audience, but we narrowed it down to our top 3.

Create a loyal fan base

Once you have a live interaction with someone, you become authentic, you become a friend. Interacting with your fans through live video builds relationship and increases real connection

Get instant feedback

During a live event, you can ask questions, take polls and gather real votes. Learn what your audience loves, or what they’d love to see from you. Use fan-sourced feedback to focus and direct your creativity.

Scale your membership

While events are a great way to get your current members excited, it can also be used as a tool to bring in new members. Pin your event on your creator page so that fans who comes to buy you a coffee or become a member will be excited to join the event.

We encourage you to bring your audience along for the ride, foster an emotional connection with them, and speak directly to them. Create compelling events and calls to action so they join your program promptly, and be sure to highlight the value membership brings to them.

Events are exciting, and you should talk about it. A lot!

Your most passionate fans are super happy to learn that there’s a new and special way to connect with you. Still, many supporters need you to tell them about it quite a few times before signing up. Which means that you need to talk about it frequently, authentically, wherever you and your fans connect already.

Thinking about launching your first event already? Here's a quick guide (you don't really need one though). 

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