1. Personalize your link. Click on Settings from the sidebar. Scroll down to Personal link under General tab.

2. Complete your page and make sure your audience knows what you do. Are you an artist? Add an image of your work. Are you a writer? Share a snippet of your work! 

Here's an example of Pascal Finette's page:

3. Set up milestones on your Buy Me A Coffee page to make people more invested in your project. 

You can set this up on your Dashboard under Supporter Settings:

4. If you have a blog or website, add a Buy Me A Coffee button. 

5. Add your personal link on your social media account bios. Bonus tip: pin your post or tweet to let your followers know how they can send you tips. 

6. If you do live videos (Facebook, Instagram or Youtube), talk about your page with a link on your caption or description. We've discovered that this is really effective in getting coffees immediately 🙌

7. Offer small rewards or incentives, talk about it with your followers on social media. 

8. Thank your supporters! You can also give them shout-outs on social media. 

9. Got a special project you want to share? Use our Coffeelinks feature where you can enter a private reward link, set a price and share and sell. You can see cool examples and use-cases here.  

10.  Have fun and engage with other creators, your supporters. Watch your Buy Me a Coffee link grow ☕😌

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